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Sun N Shade Resort Matheran
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The Sun N Shade Resort is a delightful jungle hideaway and a naturalist's treasure trove. Wrapped in the cool embrace of a rainforest, stone lined pathways, canopied by majestic trees, lead to brick coloured cottages built in the style native to the region. Built of brick with wooden rafters on the roof, furnished in cane, wood and fabrics of discreet elegance, the cottages are equipped with all modern amenities. The accommodations are designed so as to provide residents an immediate experience of the surrounding sights and sounds. Available in configurations ranging from heady tree houses, to cottages on stilts overlooking the stream and further downstream. The restaurant overlooking the swimming pool at one end and a sweeping view of the forest all around.

Days begin with the rousing melody of a Native Birds Whistling Thrush and the bright sunlight. The forest comes alive with an orchestration of sounds and bands of foraging monkeys. The day ahead is ripe with possibilities. Guests may chose to relax in their cottages, go for walks in the forest in the company of the resident by walking or having a joy ride on the horse, swim in the freshwater pool , play indoor games or take part in the many outdoor activities that the resort has included in its itineraries.

Sun N Shade Resort is spread across 2 acres of pure natural greenery, Eye catching surroundings on a hill-top, 2,800 ft. above sea level, The only resort in the heart of Matheran's powerful throb of nature.

Sun N Shade Resorts, Matheran, is in a class of it's own. Situated in a quite and peaceful setting, the resorts forms the perfect holiday retreat for all it's guests. Sun N Shade Resort is surrounded with a very traditional and cultured neighborhood. It portrays the right kind of blend of history and tradition with style and luxury. Visitors and guests, who come to Resort, experience an exciting and refreshing rejuvenation that stays in their memories forever. The resort rooms, suites and valley view suites are a pleasing delight for the visitors. The moment you enter the well-lit spacious rooms, you will be impressed by the detailing of magnificent decor and unsurpassed comfort. The internationally styled furniture and furnishings reflect quaint elegance and supreme quality.

As you walk across the spacious lawns of Sun N Shade Resort, you hear the sound of birds chirping and the whistling of soft wind blowing across the trees. After a day filled with spectacular sightseeing and adventure, you can come back to the comfort of the resort and enjoy the multi-cuisines served here.  



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