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Lushing greeneries, serene environments and unpolluted ambience, Matheran is a fantastic tourist destination at a height of about 2516 feet above sea level in Maharashtra state of India. Matheran, the jungle on the top, was developed by British after it was located in 1850 by the British Officer Hugh Mallet, who was the Collector of Thane.

This cool eco-friendly hill station is perfectly perched at the Matheran ranges of Sahyadri Mountains and the picturesque surroundings with eye catching attractions that invite thousands of tourists every year to Matheran. This hill station has the unique distinction - the vehicles are banned from entering the hill station limits, keeping Matheran as an unpolluted tourist spot. 

Matheran is a nature’s gift, with 38 peak points for an enthusiastic tourist to take refuge from the day to day hardships of modern life. These points include Panorama point, Echo point, Charlotte Lake, King George point and Louisa point. The Paymaster Park and Panthers’ Caves are two prime picnic spots for any one can enjoy the natural pleasures; especially children will enjoy these grandeur places. Matheran with the undulated hilly regions with the treasures of natural beauty is one of the best summer retreats to keep away from the scorching mercury levels in the down plain cities. 

The stunning views of the landscapes from the cliffs of Matheran offer memorable experiences for life long. The Hart point, one of the scenic spot, offer breathtaking views of multicolored lights of Mumbai city in the serene and cold nights. A two hour journey through the undulated hilly roads by bus can take the tourists to this imposing picturesque location. Soft cool breeze welcome you to this nature’s gift. 
Luxurious as well as decent boarding and lodging facilities are available in Sun N Shade Resort. The bazaar in Matheran offer excellent shopping facilities to shopping freaks.

Matheran enjoys a cooler but pleasant and less humid climate all through the year.
Summers (March to May) have the temperature not crossing 32°C and very pleasant for outings and sight seeing.
Monsoons (June to September) offer very heavy showers, and tourists in general avoid rainy days in July and August. But it looks beautiful in rains and if you enjoy rains, you can consider visiting it during this time.
Winters (December to February) are cool with temperature lies above 16°C in all the days. It is good for all tourist activities. The Best Season to visit Matheran is all through the year. September to June is very pleasant, cool and energetic and ideal for sight seeing. July and August are rainy and may opt for outing by those tourists liking rainy outings.


Matheran as a town is the epitome of peace. Located in the state of Maharashtra, at an altitude of eight hundred and three feet, Matheran is frequented by tourists both young and old for its entirely serene locales. Motored vehicles are banned in the hill station of Matheran, and you will need to find alternate modes of transport in order to travel in the town. While travelling through Matheran, you will need to make sure that you opt for one of the available modes of transport. The available options in Matheran are horses and rickshaws (manually pulled).

On Foot
Matheran is a very small hill station, and almost all known places of interest are located a stone’s throw away from each other. You can walk to the various parts of the town without much effort, as all places are easily accessible.
Horse Ride
However, in case you need some means of transport to get around the town, you can opt for a horse ride. A horse ride cost depends on bargaining. This is an effective way to travel within the town and to visit all the points.
Pulled Rickshaw
You can also opt for man pulled rickshaws in Matheran, and although this mode of travel is slower, it is not the cheaper than the other mode of travel. Fares may range from Rs 200 to 300. Matheran is a peaceful city that is safe throughout the night.


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